Monday, May 31, 2010

Live Blog of Game 2. And Go!!

I am going to live-blog game 2. I think it will help to keep me sane.


8:10 Doc Emerick in HD scares me.

8:20 United Center has nothing on Kate Smith and Lauren Hart.

8:23 Finally going to drop the puck. Thanks NBC.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Reason #'s 598-711 Why I hate MASN.

Ok so maybe I won't have 113 reasons... this time.

First off - The Nats are playing the AngelO'$ at Nats park tonight. So of course MASN has the Nats feed on MASN2, the ugly step sister channel that no one can ever find.

Second - MASN does this announcer musical chairs for Nats-AngelO'$ games where they have their broadcasters join Carp and Dibs in the booth. Gimmicky and awful but at least I understand that.

Third - Debbie Taylor still sucks

Fourth - Jim Palmer, in the span of 30 minutes, has lost all credibility as a respected baseball announcer. So for the rest of the night I will be listing, as edits, all the ridiculous stuff he says.

Lets start with the comments that have already come out of his mouth:

- Said the Nats have not have a good start to the season.
- Said that the Yanks were lucky to have a fielder/DH combination of Texeira and ARod (obviously not remembering that Texeira is a Gold Glove 1B and ARod is an extremely serviceable 3B)
- Called a 91 MPH 2-Seam Fastball a Change-up. Close. Dibs was not slow to correct him.
- Albert Pujols = Pronounced Pole-Hose

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Catch Up

I have been all over the East Coast at weddings and stuff for a while. Just put about 2k miles on my amazing 2000 Plymouth Voyager. Thing is a chick magnet.

Bullet point time:

-The Nats have been sucking hardcore. I blame the rain. We scored 14 runs last Thursday night. Friday was a rainout and we have only scored 10 runs in the 5 games since. Dreadful.

-Roger Bernadina is the real deal. OPS of .793 and batting average of .288, count it.

-Cubs suck.

-The Flyers are absolutely amazing right now. Have scored 13 unanswered goals dating back to Friday. Leighton is a beast. Hartnell is not sucking. JVR is playing like he did in the first month of the season. Giroux (Grilled Cheese) is a playoff smoke monster (see his last shift during game 7). Carcillo is a pest in the anti-Sean Avery way. Briere is living up to his insane contract. Mike Richards is the man. And the Pronger trade is making Flyer's front office look like geniuses.

-Jim Riggleman needs to use the same lineup again. This is getting old.

-Everything Ted Leonsis touches turns to gold. (See: Washington Capitals 2004-10, Wizards 2010-?)

-The Office from this week was one of the worst I have ever seen.

-Hearing ESPN try to talk about hockey is hilarious. Talking about "Home Field Advantage" Really?

-I am thinking of becoming a New Jersey Nets fan for the sole reason being that their new Russian Owner (Prokhorov) looks absolutely hilarious. He really is the Russian Mark Cuban.

-Lebron to Chicago. Mark it down.

-Hanley Ramirez is a dick.

-Good deal for the Caps inking Backstrom to a 10 year/$67 million extension.

-Can Leighton win the Conn Smythe? Methinks yes

-I think its hilarious that Saltalamacchia has the yips.

-Everything about the state of Arizona and how it is run makes me sick.

-Why can't the Coyotes just move to Canada? Hockey will not work in the desert, or in south Florida for that matter. Heaven forbid we try to grow the fanbase for the NHL by putting hockey where people want to see it.

-Getting geared up for the World Cup 2010. Dagger for Charlie Davies not making the US Mens National Team. Dagger for Team Germany that their captain, Ballack, is out for the tourney.

-Congrats to Chelsea for winning the EPL.

-Derek Jeter = Justin Bieber

-Dallas Braden's Perfect Game was awesome to watch. Congrats to him, although as long as he lives he will always be known on ESPN as the guy that got into a feud with ARod.

-Today is the 100th anniversary of Cy Young winning his 500th game. Unbelievable considering people don't think that anyone will get to 300 wins again.

-BP sucks and should have to pay for the entire cleanup of the Gulf.

-Found out my blood type was O+. Don't know what that means but its cool.

-Got a Sweet Tea flavored Grape Wine. I'll let you know how it is.

-Watch The Good Guys tonight at 8 on Fox. Starring Tom Hanks son Colin and West Wing/Studio 60 alum Bradley Whitford. You won't be sorry.

-Go Nats. Go Flyers. Go TonyPlushAllStars

Thursday, May 6, 2010

May the 6th be with you

I drove down to south carolina today or a certain friends bachelor events. My van does not have air conditioning. It was 95 degrees. It sucked.

But once I got here I got to see some old friends at Bdubs (Buffalo Wild Wings for those of you not in the know). I got 16 boneless wings. Usually I am not a fan of the boneless but when they are $.55 a wing for boneless I can make an exception.

Last time I was there I went with my favorite, the asian zing, and a new one, the caribbean jerk. I enjoyed the jerk but it wasn't near spicy enough. And then I paid for it later that night.

Tonight I went with 8 asian zing. and 8 of the 3rd hottest mango habenero. Fantastic all around. Hopefully things will turn out better for my body this time around.

In other news. Scott Olsen was fantastic tonight for the Nats. 7.1 no hit innings. Just amazing.

The sharks look like the playoff sharks of old. Down 6-1 at the moment.

Tomorrow I am going to a jazz club and then teaching some friends how to play kings. Should be fun.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Happy Cinco de Mayo. The day where non-Mexican Americans all over the country drink crappy mexican beer and drink tequilla. Count me in!

I have been working a lot lately so not really posting a lot of stuff, but thats fine cause I don't have any readers anyway.

I had some tapas last night. They were amazing. I absolutely love me some chorizo and you should definitely hit Las Tapas in Alexandria if you like Spanish fare and delicious Sangria.

I saw the movie Baby Mama. Love Tina Fey and Amy Poheler is growing on me thanks to her fantastic work on parks and rec. It was about the plot I expected, so it was pretty predictable but there were a ton more funny moments than I envisioned. Work a redbox.

Does anyone else think that *Chipper Jones' headshot picture on sports sites looks like a bad DUI picture? I do.

What kind of adult male, or really what person past the age of 12, would really call themselves Chipper. I understand that Larry Jones isn't great, thats fine. But really? Chipper? This long? Rant over.

Flyers are down 2-0 and I am feeling really nervous for our chances. Though as I type Aaron Asham gives the flyers a lead just 2:32 into the first period. Well done.

If you get a chance, go read Yahoo! Sports Big League Stew's interview with Nyjer Morgan. Brilliant.

And in the time it took me to write that sentence the Flyers are losing 2-1. Kill me.

Milton Bradley is a cancer and he should be run out of town on a rail. Embarrassment to the game.

Tying to go get tased at a Phillies game?

How about classy UVA lacrosse players who kill their ex girlfriends. The guy went to the same prep school as the Duke rapists. Can we say bad pedigree?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Night Baseball

Tonight's MLBNetwork Thursday night game is the Orioles and the Yankees, although in my area it is blacked out because apparently Northern Virginia is still Orioles territory? Thanks Asshat Angelos. Anyway, in lieu of the world champion Yanks vs the 4-17 o's, I get to watch the Rays vs the Royals (Slaughter).

I bring this up and write about this for two reasons:

1) So I can say that I hate both the Yankees and the Orioles and I am psyched that I don't have to watch them.

2) To voice my extreme displeasure at the people of St. Petersburg/Tampa.

As of right now the Rays lead all of baseball with a 16-5 record, yet all I see is empty seats. It looks like an Orioles game!!! This is absolutely pathetic! If I had the chance to see the 2nd best 3rd Baseman in baseball (Longoria - behind Zimmerman), 2 of the fastest and most exciting outfielders (Upton and Crawford), and baseball's best utility man (Zobrist), you better believe I would be at every game I could! And that goes without mentioning any of their young stud pitchers, their crazy manager, and their speed.


Move the team to Las Vegas. Or to Pittsburgh - they could use a real baseball team.

8pm Edit:
Rays have now scored 5 runs in the 2nd. With 2 outs. They also had back-to-back triples!!!

How can people not be going to see this team??!?!


So, lately I have been watching Parenthood on NBC. And I gotta say, it is baller.

Peter Krause is the man in just about every way. Take the latest episode where he calls himself "Fever" because of his dancing acumen. Amazing. Including the new move, the Fisherman. Fantastic.

A terrific cast of characters from top down; Erika Christensen, Lauren Graham, among many, many others.

One of the greatest points of the series, aside from the great family setting, is their honest and real portrayal of Asbergers syndrome. Young Max Haverman is afflicted with this autism-like disease that presents itself like an extreme version of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The show doesn't try to put a humorous face on this or try to spin it like it isn't a real problem. While accurately portraying the signs and symptoms, the show also focuses on the way asbergers affects the family; ignoring other children, constant stress, etc.

That, and Mike O'Malley guest stars. And he is still pretty hilarious.

All in all, its a show you should check out if you haven't yet. Most cable companies will have that On Demand and if that fails then Hulu shall do.

I have no idea why NBC sucks so much in terms of ratings, with this great dramedy, Chuck, and the powerhouse Thursday Comedy Block (Community, P&R, Office). I guess the only way explain it is the average American is nothing like me.